Best Printer for office use

What Printer will be the best for office use?

Like computers, printers are becoming an essential part of tech paraphernalia everywhere. The need for an office printer has increased as in day-to-day life. Whether printing photographs or completing official work, their utility is growing daily. Whatever may be the reason, it's not difficult to find a better printer. Though basic technology for printers hasn't changed significantly in the past few years, they've become more efficient and less expensive. However, you will still choose between laser and inkjet printers, colour and black-ink-only printers, and print-only and multifunction devices. This blog guides you with the best printer for office use, along with the HP printer default password


If you haven't bought a printer lately or haven't needed a printer, while both types of printers have their benefits, it all boils down to your needs and budget. Inkjets provide richer colour and are cheap, while laser printers score in terms of speed and low cost per page. Here it is in a more simplified way.


Inkjet printers rely on dye or pigment-based ink to operate. There are several inkjet delivery systems. Still, most consumer systems use separate ink cartridges, each fitted with a printhead that separates the ink into the nearly microscopic droplets. (Professional-level inkjets will usually have individual printheads that can be replaced independently.) 


Laser printers, in contrast, use toner to produce text and images. They're generally more prominent than their inkjet counterparts and have fast print speeds. Larger businesses and busy offices with high print volumes often opt for laser printers due to their business-focused features, such as optional trays for additional capacity, large replacement supply yields, and advanced security features.


There are various other factors to consider before purchasing a new printer. One way to decide whether to buy a laser or an inkjet printer is to look into what you want to do with it. If colour is not essential, it's a no-brainer; a laser printer will be more cost-efficient and faster. 

If you are looking for high volume document printing, a monochrome (black only) laser printer is advisable. 


  • Multifunction Printing 
  • Input and output trays
  • Duplexing Capability
  • Print Speed 
  • Quality
  • Price


1. HP OfficeJet Pro 8020 All-In-One printer

This printer delivers enhanced speeds and adds fax support for full multifunction capability. This device prints 20-ppm in black and white and 10-ppm in colour, duplicate copy, scan, and WiFi functionality. It is designed to support more significant print volumes and supports several workflow features like automatic duplex printing, and it comes with a 35-page automatic document feeder.

2. HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP printer

If you have a dedicated printing schedule, this printer is a multifunctional powerhouse that can keep pace. Expect next-level speed when it's time to print, with up to 28-ppm in both black and white and colour. 

Using toner, colour photos are printed the same way as all-black documents, which are time-consuming to produce graphics and images. The HP LaserJet Pro is a well-made entry into laser printing with a budget-friendly starting price as it provides better cartridge capacity and lesser per-page costs.

This blog has covered different aspects of the office use of printers. And, just in case, if you are already using the printer and facing issues like you are unable to change or reset HP Pinter won't connect to computer; we would recommend you to consult the professionals.

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